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IconicMosque (2018 г.) - Iconic Mosque is our project proposal with a park by the Mosque complex across allotted area of ​​18,504 square meters and the adjacent garden provides for the further development of the entire infrastructure of the western region of Dubai, in close proximity to the most important infrastructure of the city, namely: 10 minutes drive from the down town, and 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport.Thus, this concept does not split the historical and modern trends in the development of society, but harmoniously integrates the achievements of civilization and the need for seclusion with the eternal without leaving man-made civilization - all this becomes possible additionally via our view of architecture of the new world and the desire not to lose I link with the world historical and the spiritual heritage of not only the Arab Emirates, but the entire Islamic world. Provided plot has a fairly even terrain with established transport interchange of highways, intra-district streets. Our offer includes a 2-storey main building of the Mosque 46 m high on one level with a park that will be developed along the CREEK tower line and following smooth descent to the green harbor of  the same name where flamingo flocks and 450 other species created by the Creator live in Eden. CREEK Tower, like an Olympus, smoothly merges with the landscape and somehow sets the level of subordination for the lower-standing buildings, invisibly merging with the dome of the Iconic Mosque, which continues its train to the blue surface of a green harbor. The site allocated for the construction of 18.504 sq.m. was divided into zones, according to the design assignment, namely: the Mosque is located along the line with Tower of Creek and the linear park axis